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At DeoVR, we offer a wide range of guides and tutorials to help VR creators improve their skills and post even more amazing content to the DeoVR platform. These guides range from beginner-level to advanced - we've collected them all here so you can easily find what you're looking for. 

These guides are written by everyone from DeoVR devs to talented users keen to share their knowledge. If you would like to submit a tutorial or suggest an idea for a future guide, drop us an email at creator@deovr.com

Primary Guides: 

Headset Guides: 

Passthrough Guides: 

Advanced Guides: 

Shotcut Guides: 

Shotcut is a free open-source VR editing software, so anyone can create incredible VR content, no matter their budget. 

  1.  Shotcut Tutorial 1: Beginner’s Guide to Shotcut (free VR video editor)
  2. Shotcut Tutorial 2: Adding text to VR videos and more
  3. Shotcut Tutorial 3: Exporting a thumbnail or 2D video from VR (currently reading)
  4. Shotcut Tutorial 4: Using filters
  5. Shotcut Tutorial 5: How to make high-resolution foveated 3D VR180 video
  6. Shotcut Tutorial 6: Motion-tracked tags for people or objects in AR

These tutorials were all submitted by VR creator XR Stereo Video - most videos on his DeoVR channel are rendered in Shotcut.

Previous Guides: 

Note: This content may refer to older VR equipment.  

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