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How to use the new alpha channel feature for perfect passthrough

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The quality of DeoVR's game-changing passthrough feature just took a huge leap forward with the release of the alpha channel feature in the latest version of the DeoVR app. Here is a short demo video to show how it works:

Recommended headsets: Meta Quest Pro with stereoscopic color passthrough, Pico 4 (monoscopic color passthrough)
Compatible headsets: Quest 2, Valve Index (monoscopic black and white passthrough)
Please note: Passthrough is not compatible yet for Oculus Link cable on the PC

If you're a fan of the passthrough experience so far, this will take the whole thing to the next level. We have full instructions available for creators and technical instructions below. But first, here's how alpha channel will improve passthrough: 

  • The DeoVR devs have extended the fisheye layout, meaning studios and producers can now prepare videos with an alpha channel.
  • This offloads greenscreen/background removal into the post-production level, meaning the final results will look much better. For example, no more losing fine details like hair. And creators are now free to color correct the footage without worrying if it will affect the chroma key operation in the app.
  • It can add an alpha channel to any video, converting it into an optional passthrough version. With the advent of AI background removal tools, it is only a matter of time before this is commonplace in turning any VR scene into a passthrough scene. 

Technical instructions 

Here's how to use this alpha channel feature.  

In your compositing software, output a version of the normal video where you suppress the green color, and another version with just alpha as black and white (later we'll use only the Red channel) at the same size and length as the normal video.

Use our tool to pack the alpha channel around the original video automatically, or pack it yourself using the below diagram as a guide. 

The last step is to upload the file, add _ALPHA into the filename or tell the uploader to switch the "Has Alpha" option ON.

Now your player will show this video with the perfect passthrough, like below. Enjoy!

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