Watch MistikaVR previews in DeoVR

MistikaVR and Mistika Boutique are the best VR stitching software tools on the market, and we’re adding their previews to the DeoVR app!

You can view edited videos as photo screenshots in VR to check out stereoscopic alignments and video quality. Mistika will put specific frames into a folder which can be viewed in DeoVR.

Multiple frames can be stored and you can swipe between these.

In the first iteration, tethered headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Win MR and Valve Index will be supported, with files stored locally. If everything works well we will add support for Android devices, including the Oculus Go and Quest headsets using a local web server.

Using the file browser, open a folder containing VR pictures. Click on the image and set view angle and stereo mode. You'll be able to overwrite the picture and DeoVR will automatically refresh it. Currently, automatic refresh is supported for jpg and png files only.

DeoVR is a cloud streaming player providing unparalleled VR video playback. It can be used by developers and companies for VR video playback and streaming as a white label tool on all popular VR headsets. As soon as videos with the highest resolution and bitrate are provided, 30 files are created in different resolutions and encodings with specs matching the maximum performance of each VR headset.

DeoVR can be integrated by VR video sites as a native app and WebVR player.

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