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How to view files recorded with the Canon RF5.2 lens on DeoVR

Discover how to view the footage recorded using Canon’s new RF5.2mm F2.8 L dual fisheye lens on DeoVR in this step-by-step tutorial. 

You can watch these videos straight away through the headset. All you need is a laptop with a card reader used for backing up files. 

In settings (see below), set the proxy recording on the SD card to mp4. 

Then take the sd card, insert it into the laptop and connect it to your Oculus headset. 

Upload the file to the headset and add _RF52 to the end of the filename (see below).  

Then simply open your new video using the DeoVR app. 

Now switch to 3D anaglyph mode. 

Go into the fisheye settings and find the vertical-horizontal offset settings. Center the furthest object so that it becomes gray. 

Now you are ready to return to VR mode. The DeoVR player will permanently remember your settings for this file.

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