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Most robust and simple VR player Download for free. Any platform.

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First Decentralized VR video platform And best VR video player.

Free Download
Stream your VR videos with Deo VR in one click from your servers to the users:
Your server or CDN where
video files are hosted
Your website with VR video
and DeoVR button
Videos opens with DeoVR ready to be streamed in VR to any platform
To get started:
  1. Read documentation
  2. Prepare your servers / CDNs
  3. Start streaming videos
Read Documentation
Why Deo VR?
  • Easy documentation
  • Supports VR naming conventions for automatic setup
  • Intuitive interface loved by users
  • No charges or any fees

Swiss Army knife of VR video players Supports any formats, subtitles and audio tracks.

Built-in A-B loop
To go through your favorite moments, again and again, again and again, again and again…
Stream anything from anywhere
Simply copy video address to your buffer and click “Stream” once in VR.
Switch between back-ends
Windows Media Foundation doesn’t play? Install codec pack and play with DirectShow to max out your GPU
Rich color settings
Anything you need from contrast to brightness, from saturation to hue and sharpness
Numerous adjustments
Horizontal and vertical offsets, zoom, tilt, height and many more
Reposition windows, hide and pin them, drag them around to make your own interface

What people say about Deo VR Nothing says more than a happy users

Completely free, and the best VR video player I have tried. I've tried pretty much all the other ones. None work as well or as easily as this.
penguinjones85, Steam
”Wow. Best vr player I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot. The head tracking is amazing and Deo is the best I’ve seen as far as using a vive controller! Wasn’t expecting much because it was free but it’s now the best player I have.”
stoney0713, Steam
This is definitely the VR media viewer to have. I love the Steam player, but DeoVR is far more flexible and, of course, can play the MKV files that the Steam player cannot. Plus the ability to freely control brightness, contrast, sharpness, et al, is invaluable when trying to watch less-than-ideal-quality video content. Works brilliantly with my Samsung Odyssey.
bblindstrom, Steam

File format autorecognition Set the correct stereo and angle automatically — include the mode markers into the filename. The order doesn’t matter:

  • Side by Side _SBS or _LR
  • Top-Bottom _TB or _OverUnder
  • 180° _180
  • 360° _360(also for 270°)
For example:
Title_SBS_360.mp4 sets Side by Side & 360°

Don’t think twice

Download for free. Any platform.