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DeoVR is preparing for the new AV1 video format. This state-of-the-art codec will provide improved visual quality and streaming efficiency, meaning a dramatic increase in quality across the board. We have prepared two AV1 video samples for you to stream and test out for yourself below. 

As the Meta Quest 3 and upcoming VR headsets, plus all modern GPUs, now support AV1, we are actively testing this codec to ensure it provides a smooth and superior quality viewing experience. 

Stream AV1 video at DeoVR

Want to see the quality of AV1 and streaming efficiency for yourself? Stream this short video from DeoVR Insights:

Prefer to try a lower resolution? Stream this version: 

Play in your VR headset and let us know your thoughts at the DeoVR forum

What is AV1 and why is it better?

AV1 aims to provide equal video quality at a lower bit rate. This means a smaller filesize, which in turn means greatly improved streaming properties for high-quality video, reduced bandwidth costs and a major boost for those users with less-than-ideal internet connections. 

As well as this vastly improved efficiency, it is open source with a royalty-free algorithm, making it free-to-use for everyone, worldwide. 

Playing AV1 video with PCVR

To play AV1 videos in DeoVR using PCVR, you'll need to install the AV1 Video Extension from the Microsoft app store. It's completely free and this will enable AV1 video playback support for the DeoVR Steam app. Windows 10 and above. 

Future plans

We will also perform comparisons looking at the performance, quality and device support of the VP9 codec vs h265.  There is more information about the differences between the AV1 and VP9 codecs at this blog

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