Mistika VR inside the headset with DeoVR

Preview your Mistika VR stitching inside the DeoVR app using the VR headset preview functionality that is now available in open beta. This new version introduces the ability to send the live output directly to VR headsets so you can accurately preview how the final results will appear in VR. Not only does it improve the precision and quality of the final video, but it makes video editing much faster too. It also works with Mistika Boutique, which is recognized as an advanced color grading and ultra-fast rendering pack 

Mistika VR is an optical flow stitching solution that has been used widely across the VR industry, while DeoVR is the world’s leading open-platform, free VR player. Integrating the two means major benefits in VR production and speeding up and improving the workflow. 

Once you have edited your video, make sure to upload it on the DeoVR streaming platform, making it available for streaming all over the world, on every VR headset. Contact creator@deovr.com for any help or assistance. 

This is how to enable the VR Headset Preview function in Mistika VR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaK33JHSgkE

Or simply follow this step-by-step guide: 

  1. Click the new HS button next to the VR view icon. A pop-up window will appear, instructing you to copy your computer’s IP address and paste it into the DeoVR’s browser.
  2. Open the DeoVR player on your preferred platform and paste the IP address into the URL bar.
    IMPORTANT: Make sure to use the same network connection for both the workstation where you are running Mistika VR and the VR Headset where you want to see the preview.
  3. Click the play button in Mistika to see the video output in DeoVR.

Here is an example of the headset preview in action: 

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