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The latest update of the DeoVR app adds the ability to smoothly stream subtitles for all your VR content. This also includes support for many global alphabets, including all European alphabets, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Armenian, Georgian, Thai and Malayalam. See it in action at this incredible DeoVR VR video: Building Carmen (6K 360 3D) (streaming subtitles is currently app only, web coming soon). 

The ability to add subtitle files has now been added to the DeoVR Creators panel, as shown in the image below. VR filmmakers can now upload multiple subtitle files covering different languages for every single one of their VR videos. 

Best of all, in VR you can quickly and easily move the subtitles to anywhere you like to make sure you don't miss a single second of the onscreen action. 

At the moment, this streaming subtitle feature is only available in the DeoVR app, but it will be coming soon to web users - it will be implemented with our new webxr player. 

You'll find the full instructions in the subtitles section of DeoVR's knowledgebase, including how to use the subtitles feature for streaming, DLNA streaming and local playback. 

Subtitle streaming is available in the DeoVR v13.12 update. Access all updates and new features early by taking part in the beta release candidate - follow these details to get early access and help the DeoVR team iron out any bugs before the update is fully released to the public (7 days later). Let us know if you have any issues, either by contacting us directly or commenting on the forum thread. 

Any questions? Join the discussion on the DeoVR forum

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