Acceptable Use Policy



You must only upload content that you have the legal right to distribute. You must either be the copyright holder of the content you upload, have appropriate licenses for the content you upload, or you must have some other clear legal right to distribute the content.

If your content incorporates third-party works, such as stock images, footage or background music, you are responsible for ensuring that you have the correct license to incorporate these works in the content you upload to DeoVR. If you are participating in DeoVR Premium you must ensure that you have the correct licenses to use such third-party works commercially.

Content Restrictions

We restrict and prohibit certain types of content on DeoVR. You must not upload prohibited content to DeoVR. If you upload content that we allow but that is not suitable for all audiences, you must select the appropriate tags to ensure it’s only seen by the people who actively want to see it.

You must not upload content which

  • Infringes third-party rights
      • This includes copyright, trademark rights and privacy rights
  • Is sexually explicit, pornographic, contains nudity or promotes sexual services
      • We do not allow pornography, or content which depicts sexual acts, or which is intended to titillate
      • We do not permit content which includes nudity
      • We do not permit content which promotes sexual services, including but not limited to prostitution, escorting, erotic massage, pornographic content, (including fan sites and “premium social media”), strip clubs, erotic entertainment venues, other erotic services. You must also not link directly to such services, or to a landing page or “linktree” which links to such services
  • Is Defamatory or libellous
      • You must not upload content which contains provably false or misleading statements about a person and which would reasonably be expected to damage their reputation
  • Is Abusive, bullying or harassing 
      • You must not upload content which a reasonable person would deem to be threatening or intimidating, or which seeks to insult or shame an individual or group of people.
      • Threats, doxxing, uploading of non-consensual image-based sexual abuse, trolling or other forms of abuse will be removed and will be reported to law enforcement where appropriate.
      • Critical commentary related to public figures and public policy is permitted, subject to the previous prohibition against defamatory or libellous material
  • Hate and Discriminatory Speech
      • You must not upload hateful or discriminatory speech. “Speech” includes video names and descriptions, as well as usernames, thumbnails and avatars.
      • This includes any speech targeting an individual or group of individuals based upon one of the following nine protected characteristics, and which states or infers that this individual or group is inferior or worthy of contempt, and which would be considered offensive to a reasonable person
        • Age
        • Disability
        • Gender Reassignment
        • Marriage & Civil Partnership
        • Pregnancy & Maternity
        • Religion or Belief
        • Sex
        • Sexual Orientation
      • Content must not advocate for, or celebrate violence
      • Content must not advocate for, or celebrate genocide
      • Content must not advocate for segregation or exclusion
      • Content must not deny or diminish historical instances of violence or genocide. This includes events such as the Holocaust, or Apartheid
      • Content must not attempt to circumvent these rules by use of “dog-whistle” code, slurs or slang
      • Content must not dehumanise people
      • Content must not spread theories of superiority or inferiority based on any of the protected characteristics
      • Content must not spread conspiracy theories about groups sharing a protected characteristic
      • Content must not display hate symbols without compelling justification
        • Be aware that even if you have a good reason for displaying a hate symbol, for example making a documentary about historical events, we may be required to limit the distribution of this content due to local laws
      • Content must not promote, market, sell or constitute counselling intended to change a person’s sexual orientation
      • Content must not promote, market, sell or constitute classes teaching seduction techniques, “neurolinguistic programming techniques” or “pickup techniques” designed to lead to seduction or sexual success
  • Terror or Hate Groups
      • You must not upload content celebrating, glorifying or spreading propaganda to radicalise or recruit people, or to aid or abet attacks
      • Members of gangs, hate groups, terror organisations, persons subject to E.U. sanctions, U.K. sanctions or U.S. sanctions, or persons in a country or region subject to comprehensive E.U., U.K. or U.S. sanctions are not permitted to use the service
  • Content Useful to Terrorists
      • You must not upload content providing instructions on how to assemble explosive or incendiary devices, or homemade or improvised firearms
      • This includes instructions on how to modify firearms to increase their capacity or lethality
  • Exploiting or Endangering Minors
    • You must not upload content which was created by exploiting or harming children, or which is harmful to children. This includes
      • Child sexual abuse material (CSAM)
      • Content which sexualises minors
      • Content likely to appeal to minors, but containing adult themes
      • Content which would encourage minors to engage in harmful or dangerous activities
      • Content including child nudity, regardless of intention

We have zero tolerance for actual or pseudo Child Sexual Abuse Material. Any user attempting to upload such content will be permanently banned from the service, and WILL be reported to law enforcement

  • Depicting or encouraging self-harm or suicide
  • Content must not promote or glorify suicide
  • Provide instructions or methods on how to self-harm or die by suicide
  • Promote or encourage eating disorders

If you are considering self-harm our suicide help is available. Please call the helpline for your country now.

  • Violence
      • Content must not incite violence
      • Content must not portray real people or animals being harmed
      • Content must not show people being tortured or physically or sexually abused
      • Content must not show shocking, gratuitous or gruesome images
        • We appreciate that editorial, journalistic or historical documentaries may have good reason to depict violence. Such footage must be justified and must not be sensationalised or exploitative. Such footage must be tagged as containing sensitive imagery
  • Deceptive Schemes and Scams
      • Content must not promote fraudulent schemes, high-yield investment programs, “get-rich-quick” schemes, unlawful transactions, illegal products or services, or use deceptive marketing practices
  • Health Misinformation
      • Content must not promote dangerous or unproven treatments
      • Content must not discourage precautions or treatments recommended by the World Health Organisation, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, or the UK or US Centres for Disease Control
  • Vaccine Misinformation
      • Content must not claim that vaccines are unsafe, unless this claim has been substantiated by one of the following public health authorities
        • World Health Organisation
        • European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
        • UK Centre for Disease Control
        • US Centre for Disease Control
      • Content must not promote an agent or treatment for use to combat an infectious disease, unless such an agent or treatment has been specifically approved for such purposes by a public health authority
  • Misinformation About Tragic Events
      • Content must not include claims that real world tragedies did not occur
      • Content must not make false claims that a violent crime, tragedy or catastrophe did occur
      • Content must not promote false or misleading information, pseudoscience or conspiracy theories which create a risk of harm to a person, group of people, the general public or any living creature
      • Content must not include non-disclosed “deepfakes” or undisclosed AI created materials
        • Any deepfakes which are disclosed must be made with the documented consent of the individuals depicted
  • Content must not violate any applicable laws 


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