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How to promote your VR video content online - helpful links

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DeoVR is growing faster than ever thanks to the launch of the excellent new Meta Quest 3 headset. More VR creators are uploading superb quality VR videos and many more people are watching them. But how and where is best to promote your videos? We’ve compiled a helpful list of communities and online resources for you to connect with!

You’ll find a comprehensive list of all the major virtual reality bookmarks online at VR Favs, with a dedicated news and discussions section

It's vital to tell people about your VR content and promote it online to match your content with people who will enjoy it. For this, focus on Facebook, Reddit and Discord. Here are all the most important and popular destinations: 

Facebook Groups and Pages

VR Professionals and Creators:

VR Users:

Reddit: VR Subreddits

VR was born on Reddit and millions of VR users engage with these subreddits daily, making it a great place to share your videos. Be sure to submit your VR video as a text post with a description, instead of just posting a link. These are the most active communities:

If you have a video for a specific subject, search for the appropriate subreddit, such as: AMSR, drones, etc and post it there. Be sure to read the subreddit’s rules to make sure it gets published without issue. 

Discord servers:

Other communities 

Also, search for related non-VR communities like drones, ASMR, virtual tours, AI videos, live music videos, etc. 

General Tips

It’s important for creators to build their branding and find ways to connect with the intended audience: 

  • Use a memorable name for your channel that easily explains what your content is
  • Design a good banner for your channel and engaging thumbnails for each video
  • Write good descriptions for each video, using effective keywords and search terms so people can find them

Any suggestions? Let us know on Facebook, the DeoVR forum or on Reddit. 

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