VR videos on the Apple Vision Pro

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Apple has entered the world of virtual reality with the Apple Vision Pro. There isn't much verified info about it yet, but the main point to note is that the price point is much higher than the Meta Quest 3, which could prove off-putting to the mainstream user. We are currently researching the Apple Vision Pro, and how it will work with DeoVR and impact VR as a whole.

Note: We’ll keep this article updated as new announcements are made and once the headset is available for purchase. 

What to Expect From the Apple Vision Pro

Impressive Visual Clarity

Apple states that each lens will have “more pixels than a 4K TV”. That means more than 23 million pixels - aka 3800 x 3800 per eye- about double what’s currently available. 

Spatial Audio

The Vision Pro is designed to integrate with your surroundings. The headset contains multiple speakers and six microphones, so whatever is happening on screen will also sound like it's in the room with you. 

Passthrough Video

The Vision Pro is a hybrid headset, which combines both augmented and virtual reality. Users can twist a dial on the side to determine how much of their external environment is shown. This is achieved through a set of cameras that face outward and toward the floor. So, the computer renders both virtual elements and your actual surroundings in realtime. This will translate to incredible passthrough experiences on DeoVR. 

It becomes even more exciting once you factor haptic feedback to the mix. Although the Vision Pro doesn’t support haptic feedback in itself, users can likely connect devices via apps like DeoVR. 

Hand Controls

One of the biggest hurdles toward achieving full VR immersion is using handheld controllers to move around and interact with virtual elements. The Vision Pro gets around this problem by having five sensors that track your hand movements. 

So, you can theoretically do everything with a wave of your hand or a click of your fingers. Using minimal hardware can go a long way toward providing a better VR experience overall. 

All-new OS

A new operating system was created for the Vision Pro. The chips have to provide regular computing power (i.e., what you would expect in a laptop) and register your movements, the company had to develop new software to handle the load. However, developing a new OS takes time, and there will likely be a few hiccups or snags upon release. However, Apple has the tools and teams necessary to adjust once people use the software.