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CalfVR camera review: the best affordable VR camera in 2023?

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The CalfVR camera is a new VR camera, capable of 6K 50FPS video (and 8K photos), available at an accessible price point. At DeoVR, we’ve been using a generic model for the past few weeks - you can see a short video made with this camera at DeoVR (6K 50FPS, h265 100Mbps), which shows how it works in daylight on a static tripod. But let’s look at this impressive item in more detail. 

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In good lighting, such as daylight, the quality is excellent with nice vivid colors and good detail. Sometimes, sunlight can leave spots on the lens (in the above video, you might see red marks in certain sections) but overall the quality when filming outside is excellent. 

However, in low-light the quality is grainy and dark. This is to be expected for a VR camera at this price point, but we recommend a good lighting kit if you’re filming inside, or at night. 

As for the quality, 6K 50FPS footage looks great on DeoVR. And while it’s not quite up there with 8K videos, it’s great for the price. Interestingly, the camera can take 8K images, which have great detail (15mb jpg sample image). It also suggests that the camera might be possible to film 8K footage in the future, either via an update or by modding.  

In the image below you can see the various adjustable options for the video, such as ISO and white balance - there are auto settings for each, which work very well in adapting to different conditions.