Tutorial: Uploading your VR video content to DeoVR

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Let’s guide you through the easy process of uploading to the DeoVR platform. If you prefer to use a video guide, you can watch the entire process on our VR Tutorials channel

First, go to your channel page. You can do this from either Manage Your Channel in the top-right menu or directly from Upload Video. Both options will take you to the creator page. 

Click on Upload Video and select the video you want to share. 

On the Video Info page, input all the basic information for your video, including the title and a short description. 

You should also add the category your content belongs to, such as travel or music, and the VR camera you used to record it. Choosing these is optional, but it helps our community know more about your work. 

Next, add the technical details about your video, including Video Format such as VR180 side-by-side, or 360. 

If you have a thumbnail ready, you can upload it now. Don’t worry if you don’t, you can choose an image from your video later. You can also include a subtitles file if you have one ready. 

Finally, the publications page where you can set the visibility of your video. Choose private if you want it to be viewed only by yourself, or unlisted to be able to share a link to it (but keep it hidden from the DeoVR feed and search results). 

Choose public to make it available for all, and schedule a time for when you want it to be published. Publish immediately means it will be able to be viewed as soon as it has passed our processing and moderation procedures. 

Now share your video and promote it to the VR world!

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