Use DeoVR on your Pico 4: the complete guide

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Updated: 26/01/2023. DeoVR is now available on the Pico 4. Here’s our complete guide on how to get it up and running. 

Via DeoVR from the Pico 4 store

As of Thursday 26th January 2023, DeoVR is now available in the Pico 4 store. Simply go to the store and search for DeoVR (or check the new releases section) then install the app and you have full access to everything DeoVR has to offer. 

Sideload the DeoVR app using SideQuest

Alternatively, you can install the DeoVR app to your Pico 4 headset using Sidequest. You can find DeoVR on Sidequest here. For full instructions on how to use SideQuest, go here and view the video under Advanced Installer Tutorial and follow the instructions as if it’s a Quest headset. (This video shows how to enable developer mode on the Pico 4.) 

Note for viewing 8K scenes

Some users have reported that the playback of 8K videos is laggy. The quick solution is to change the codec to h265 rather than h264. Do this and your videos will play smoothly without any issues. The default is h264 so be sure to switch this. Please note, this is a browser issue and will be fixed in time. Until then, use HEVC/h265 for any footage above 2160p (and for VR on PC, for anything over 1920p). 


  • Go to the playback panel and select the cog symbol on the right
  • Under Quick Settings, go to the drop-down menu for the codec and select H265

If you follow the instructions above, you can use DeoVR on your Pico 4 and enjoy the very best quality VR. 

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