Upcoming VR headsets in 2023 and 2024

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There are many new VR headsets in development, each offering new features and specs that could greatly enhance your VR experience. When they are released you'll find full details about them in our dedicated blog about the best VR headset for VR video and DeoVR. Until then, you'll find full details of them all here, including all the currently known specs in a table (see end of blog).

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1) Apple's Vision Pro: A High-End Contender. While information about Apple's Vision Pro headset remains scarce, its price point is noticeably higher than that of the Meta Quest 3. This cost might deter some users seeking a more budget-friendly option. Nonetheless, we are actively researching and gathering details about Apple's Vision Pro and its compatibility with DeoVR. Keep an eye on this blog, as we'll provide a full account of our findings and offer recommendations once we have a complete understanding of this intriguing headset.

2) PICO 5: Rumored Successor to PICO 4. The PICO 5 is not yet confirmed, but leaked images of what looks like new PICO controllers have surfaced hinting that a PICO 5 is in development, meaning the PICO 4 could be getting an upgrade in the coming months. Based on the success of the PICO 4, a new model is likely to be a strong contender that we will be keeping an eye on. Full specs are not yet available.

3) Valve “Deckard”: Steam-based Mystery Project. A reigning champion in the high-end PCVR market, Valve is rumored to be developing a new VR system to succeed the Index. Codenamed “Deckard,” very little is known about the project so far. It could be a linear improvement Index 2, or it could be something different. Naturally, specs are not yet available. As we uncover more we will be sure to keep you up-to-date.

Headset Type FOV Decoding Resolution Codecs Screen Resolution (per eye) PPI PPD (60 max) Display rate, Hz Passthrough Release Date Price (initial) Optics Chipset
Apple Vision Pro Spatial Computer       3800 x 3800 4000   90/96 Full-color stereoscopic 2024 $3,499 pancake Dual M2 and R1
PICO 5 Standalone       2650 x 2650               Snapdragon XR3*
PICO 5 Pro Standalone       3840 x 3840               Snapdragon XR3*
Valve "Deckard"                          

*Expected, but not yet confirmed

Keep checking for more details - this blog will regularly update the latest news about VR headsets. 

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