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2023 was an incredible year for VR. The Quest 3 blew everyone away, Apple announced a move into mixed reality with the upcoming Vision Pro headset, and DeoVR became bigger and better in countless ways. Here are ten of the best virtual reality videos of 2023 that you can only stream at DeoVR in the top quality. 

This list was created using various metrics, including likes, comments, views and editorial curation. The scenes below are a mixture of free and premium scenes, and the vast majority are unique to DeoVR. Remember: DeoVR is the only VR platform to stream VR in 8K - don't accept inferior quality VR from Youtube or elsewhere. 

Best VR Passthrough Video at DeoVR

Salsa Lesson #1 by VRO Films - VR180, 8K, 60FPS

The Quest 3 took mixed reality to all-new heights with its full-color detailed passthrough feature. This ultra-immersive experience teaches you how to dance with an expert salsa teacher in your own surroundings at home. If you want to show someone how amazing VR passthrough can be, this is the one. 

Best VR Nature Video at DeoVR

Experience the Eurasian Lynx in the Wild by VRNature Wildlife - VR180, 8K, 30FPS

Filmed with the top-of-the-range Canon R5C, this award-winning VR scene puts you up close and personal with a wild lynx cat in its natural habitat - it comes right up to you. DeoVR is the only place you can stream this footage in crystal clear 8K resolution. 

Best Documentary VR Video at DeoVR

Alcatraz Inside The Rock by LYT TV - VR180, 6K, 25FPS [Premium only]

The infamous Alcatraz prison The Rock has been depicted in countless films, books and TV shows. And now you can experience it for yourself. This VR documentary video takes you on a tour of the harsh conditions of this early 20th century prison, while the expert voiceover talks you through the history of this San Francisco jail. 

Best VR Driving Video at DeoVR

Rally Zelezniki by Rally Camera Car - VR180, 8K, 60FPS

Few things are more exhilarating in VR than racing along at 100mph, and DeoVR has many of these jaw-dropping driving videos. This high-quality rally car video, filmed with two GoPro 11s, is among the very best. 

Best Nighttime VR Video at DeoVR 

Small Town Night Market by GoneMeme - VR180, 8K, 30FPS

Some incredible VR videos are coming out of China and this is one of the most atmospheric and technically impressive of 2023. Despite the low light of nighttime, the visuals are excellent, making you feel like you’re really there. 

Best Spiritual VR Video at DeoVR

Shamans - Experience with Ayahuasca by VRO Films - VR180, 6K, 60FPS

Very few people on earth have learned the secrets of Ayahuasca. Take an unforgettable trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon to learn the secrets of the Siana indigenous community in this awe-inspiring VR documentary. 

Best USA Tourism VR Video at DeoVR

Walking Hollywood Blvd 360 by Explore Immersive TV - 360, 6K, 30FPS [Premium only]

The Hollywood Boulevard in LA, California, is known as the sidewalk of dreams. Dream no more; now you can walk down this street yourself and see everything around you in full 360 visuals, with expert VR filmmaker Al Caudullo as your tour guide. 

Best Fun CGI VR Video at DeoVR

Dancing to "Blinding Lights" by Spinning Blade Immersive - CGI, VR180, 8K, 60fps

This colorful animated VR video combines music and CGI graphics to create something with real potential for acting as a springboard for other music tracks. It's a solid example of the range of VR video available right now, and how even the most simple ideas can produce something charming and engaging that everyone can enjoy. Here's hoping for an option to create our own avatars and get them to dance to our favorite songs!

Best Scripted Storytelling VR Video at DeoVR

The BizNest: Season One by Exelauno - 360, 4K, 30FPS

This unique VR video is the world’s first immersive sitcom. It’s an amusing scripted story, told in full 360 VR - you won’t have seen anything like this before. As it becomes easier to film VR, we look forward to more of this kind of groundbreaking content. 

Bonus Video: Create Your Own Affordable VR Camera!

Inspired by the amazing content above? There are affordable VR cameras available now and coming soon, but if you can’t wait you can create your own 8K VR camera for under $1000! Upload your content to DeoVR and share it as widely as possible. Your videos could be in the Best VR Videos of 2024 list!

Want to suggest more videos for this top 10 list?  Join the discussion at the DeoVR forum, Facebook and Reddit.

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