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Improvements to passthrough AR video and DeoVR app UI in v13.9

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The latest update for the DeoVR app (v13.9) includes a major improvement to our game-changing passthrough AR video feature, plus some important enhancements for the UI experience along with other notable changes for the better. Read on for more details. 

First, you can enjoy a great leap forward in passthrough AR video thanks to the new alpha channel feature. This will improve the passthrough experience by allowing producers to fine-tune details such as hair, so the background will be completely and cleanly stripped, showing only the user's own surroundings. We've also given full details about how producers can use this powerful new feature

Please note: Passthrough AR video is best on the Meta Quest Pro (stereoscopic color passthrough and the Pico 4 (monoscopic color passthrough). It is compatible with the Quest 2 and Valve Index, although it is monoscopic black and white. Passthrough is not yet compatible with Oculus Link to PCVR or the VIVE XR Elite headset. 

Aside from passthrough, the UI has undergone an important overhaul. Now the app will remember the active tab from the player panels, making it more natural and intuitive to navigate. Also, the 'Drag Video' function has been renamed to 'Dome Rotation', to explain better how it works within the app, along with a useful extension. It can now consider the rotation banking of the controller and rotate the dome accordingly. To explore this, go to Global Settings > Player, or you'll see the new option for "Dome rotation with roll" in the player settings. 

There are other small but important improvements too, including bug fixes for high-bitrate videos, videos with AMD drivers and other minor UI issues. 

All these updates are available on the DeoVR app, available for the Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro, Pico and Windows headsets. Try it now and let us know your thoughts on our friendly forum

(We’ve also enabled p2p messaging on the DeoVR forum. Admins and regular users can create private threads, and users will receive an email notification with each reply. Also they will see this message among all the other forum threads - only visible to them alone.)

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