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DeoVR has a brand-new personalized recommendation system, meaning that the most suitable high-quality VR content for you will get more exposure in your trending feed. DeoVR users can enjoy a more engaging experience, and talented creators will get more views for their most impressive videos. 

How does it work? 

The new recommendation system was designed from the ground up to deliver much more high-quality, interesting content in your feed. It uses various factors to develop a more personalized trending feed, including suggestions based on the last five days of user activity, from a month of data. 

Then the API finds the most relevant content, working with ‘semantically similar data’ - this means information from neural networks exploring video previews, video thumbnails and text descriptions. This means potential inclusions for your feed are based on both visuals and text. 

Update Feb, 28 2024: The recommendation system for guest users has been released with improved pagination (home page has been added).

Finally, these candidates are ranked based on how users interact with elements such as the tags, channels, the popularity of the video and how well it’s trending. This all works together to help create the perfect list of recommended VR videos for you. 

Want to learn more? Join the discussion at the DeoVR forum, Facebook and Reddit.

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