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Passthrough AR video and UX improvements in the latest app update

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Version 13.11.1 of the DeoVR app is out now, with many great improvements to the overall experience - including even better Passthrough AR video tools!

What’s new? 

The DeoVR devs are constantly improving the passthrough AR video experience, and we've made it now possible to select colors to keep instead of exclude from the video. 

You can see the value of this in this short video clip: 

Our devs have also implemented multiple bug fixes and other improvements, such as: 

  • Vertical and horizontal offset now affect both eyes instead of just the right eye
  • Fixed next/previous button in the video player not working in certain situations
  • Improved the UI of certain panels

Note: Due to Quest updates a new permission is required to delete files. 

This new update applies to DeoVR for all users (Steam, Oculus Store, Sidequest and Pico). 

All new updates are now Release Candidates, which means users can access these new features a week earlier than anyone else. To participate, follow these instructions from the DeoVR forum.  

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Join in the conversation on the DeoVR forum.

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