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DeoVR is now even better thanks to an impressive new feature: Premium users can now download their favorite VR videos in full original quality to keep forever. 

These videos can be downloaded in various qualities, ranging from space-efficient 2k files, all the way up to the original upload quality for users with plenty of hard drive space who want the very best. 

To take advantage of this feature, DeoVR users must be subscribed to the Premium tier, currently an affordable $12.99 per month. A Premium sub gives the ability to download 3 videos per month to keep and rewatch for life. 

Premium users also have unlimited streaming of DeoVR’s huge VR library, plus access to all the daily updates and countless top-quality videos in up to 8K, 120FPS quality. Over 200 amazing scenes have been added in the past 30 days alone, a number that is increasing all the time. 

To find out more and upgrade to Premium DeoVR, go here. And if you’re a skilled dev with a passion for VR, come and join the DeoVR team! You can find more details here

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