Now Hiring! - Come join DeoVR team

At DeoVR we are looking to bring shared experiences metaverse into life. Think of multiuser spatial VR video streaming powered by creators economy 🔥🔥🔥

Come join us to make some really great things happen 🤩  Simply mail us at with what motivates you most  or check the list of open positions below.  
Relocate to Los Angeles, Ljubljana, Lisbon, Tokyo or work remotely.

Mail us now at if you are skilled in: 

  • C# and Unity coders for Windows and Android app development (especially if you are skilled with shaders)
  • JavaScript WebGL/WebXR developers
  • Back-end (PHP, Mongo) and front-end (Vue.JS, Typescript, React) developers to work on advanced websites that process thousands of VR videos
  • HR hacker to get the best talent and to run the company's HR and recruiting managers
  • Project managers for our multiple teams (Unity, WebGL, front-end, back-end, marketing, etc)
  • Computer vision, depth maps
  • AI Text-to-Speech for "voice clonning" feature
  • Sound design professionals to work on binaural and spatial audio
  • Data analytics and data science roles (suggested feed, playlists, search, user segmentation, BI)
  • 3D and flat UI/UX designers
  • UI/UX professionals
  • Video editors (Premier, Mistika)
  • Video uploaders (no special skills required)
  • HR, marketing, social media and communications managers
  • Hardware hacker to lead VR video headset and haptics development
  • Sony Playstation developer
  • Accountants
  • Financial manager
  • Account managers (partner relations)
  • Video content manager (manage video publishing and tagging)
  • API documentation and knowledgebase writer
  • Japanese, French, German, Canadian market managers
  • Support


Take a look at this video for an insight into our team and how we work! And join in the discussion over at the DeoVR forum

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