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Come join DeoVR team!
DeoVR is at the forefront of VR and expanding fast. Become part of our cutting-edge team today.
Join our team

DeoVR keeps growing organically, so we are looking for more talented people to join us. Do what you enjoy most with us. Mail telling us what motivates you in life and what you would like to start in DeoVR. Make sure to apply telling us every idea you would like to work on.

Mail us now if you feel any of the following apply to you:  

  • Product owner - get DeoVR up and running all over the place. Suggest your vision and get the freedom to bring it to life
  • Head of content - connect with all the VR creators and make DeoVR a great place for them
  • Content manager - get on top of all the DeoVR content uploads and management
  • Head of marketing - turn DeoVR into a product. Engage with our great audience and get economy going
  • Community lead - make DeoVR a great community place & engage on social media
  • Japanese product & content manager - Japan is a great place for VR. We really want to connect with all the great creators and users there
  • HR lead - get us the best talent and make it great people & culture within the company
  • Recruiters - looking to get us even more talented people
  • Data analytics and Data science - make sense of data for a great user experience. We want to start doing user segmentation, funnels, search, A/B testing, automated playlists, BI, analytics and all the other cool data things
  • Computer vision and Machine learning - there is a ton of great things to be done with depth maps, movement tracking within ROI, background removal to make videos passthrough, etc
  • Hardware engineer - to join our 10K camera rig and haptics development (wrist band, suit, etc)
  • Video editors - work in Premier and Mistika as we are getting a huge number of content
  • 3D designer - to make the app UI cool
  • Flat designer - to make the website UI
  • Artworks designer - artworks have to be cool
  • Documentation & knowledgebase writer - we want to make it easy for users and devs to figure things out. We are running a huge tech pipeline some very few can make sense of
  • Blog writer and site writer - make engaging posts in Variety and Engadget style
  • Support - we really want to get things work for everyone
  • Also hiring developers in C#, Unity, PHP, WebGL/WebXR.
  • And project managers, testers, support.
  • Accountants, finance managers

We pay very well. We have a great team of 120 people and looking for more. You can choose to relocate to Ljubljana, Lisbon, Tokyo, Los Angeles or work remotely.

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