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A VR media browser has been added to DeoVR.com You can now watch your favorite VR video sites in tube format using the DeoVR media browser. If a site has already chosen to proceed with DeoVR integration you should see all the contents in a native VR tube-like interface. Send a request to your favorite sites asking them to become DeoVR compatible.

The player also features built-in viewport cloud streaming support, which overcomes the 4K decoding limitation of most Android headsets. Enjoy original quality 5K-10K videos on every Android headset, including Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. This is also available for iPhone cardboards. Turnkey services are available for corporate customers.

Content producers can start adding videos to the DeoVR streaming platform by contacting support. We are working to release a VR video streaming platform soon.

Make sure to check the updated file manager which supports thumbnail previews for videos. You can also remove files and bookmark favorite folders.

Any feedback is highly appreciated, please get in touch here.

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