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Update on previewing Canon RF 5.2 dual fisheye raw footage in DeoVR

We have added experimental support for previewing Canon RF5.2 dual fisheye raw footage in the DeoVR player. This means you can work with the footage without having to transform the image, so you can quickly and simply edit and perform color correction on your recorded footage. 

But there are still some things we plan to iron out, such as:

  • Overall, you are left with too much stereo footage as you don't fix this in post-production. However, we will address this with the auto focus feature coming soon.
  • Another thing you skip with this workflow is adjusting the coaxial distance. We don't have a solution for this yet, but we are working hard to solve this issue and will give an update in due course. 

If you would like to preview the footage shot from the camera directly, follow the instructions given in in this post: https://deovr.com/blog/31-how-to-view-files-recorded-with-the-canon-rf52-lens-on-deovr

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