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Passthrough comparison: Vision Pro vs Quest 3 vs Quest Pro

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The DeoVR team has compared the passthrough capabilities of three of the leading VR headsets out now. Watch the video to experience it for yourself and read our results below. 

Comparing passthrough on VR headsets

VR quality can be subjective but there are several specific factors we can compare. This is what we discovered: 

Quest Pro

  • There is a wobbling effect during passthrough on the Quest Pro. The image appears to wiggle
  • The highlights are burned out
  • Background footage is very blurry
  • Details don’t show up well, such as grass, or numbers on a phone. It’s hard to focus on these elements

Quest 3

  • An improvement in image quality: the contrast is ok but the highlights are a little burned out still
  • There is curvature around the sides of the image
  • More details can be seen than the Quest Pro

Vision Pro

  • A huge improvement in image quality
  • No highlights are burned, the sky is visible
  • No side distortion at all
  • Backgrounds look good and clear
  • Much easier to see fine details such as numbers on a phone and grass, especially when close up

Which VR headset has the best passthrough? 

It is clear that the Vision Pro has by far the best passthrough capabilities. Details are clear and there are very few, if any, flaws or discrepancies between real life and what the Vision Pro displays. 

The Quest 3 is an improvement on the Quest Pro in various ways, but it pales when set next to the Vision Pro. 

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