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Screenshots, updated player UI, clear browsing history, shuffle, and more

We’re delighted with the latest updates to the DeoVR app. Here are some of the new improved functionalities you can now enjoy. 

  • You can create VR video screenshots with a single touch. It even saves the exact time into the filename so you can find it again quickly. Ideally, we'd like to add the ability to choose a specific frame for the screenshot, since there are around 60 of those in each second. Please let us know if you’d like us to develop this. For the next ,we will add this screenshot function into the controller mapping.

  • We have streamlined the video player UI. We believe this is the final iteration and we won’t shuffle the buttons again. How do you feel about this new layout? We have tried to take into account all the suggestions we received.

  • There is a favorite button next to each folder that will put a shortcut tag into the left menu bar. Also, there is now a shuffle button for each folder to play your videos in random order.

  • We now have support for an interactive scripts local folder. Simply put a [videoname].funscript file into the "Interactive" folder and enjoy it over DLNA. SMB support will be coming soon. Make sure to log in to SLR via the browser to make it work.

  • Tilt speed has been increased twice when using controllers

  • We have added 200º FOV native fish-eye support for the ZCam rig. All producers can now use this feature by putting the lens name "_MKX200", "_MKX220", or "_VRCA220" into the filename.

For the next update, we will be streamlining the video grid and global settings UI, subtitles, and the ability to choose between audio tracks. Feel free to suggest any other ideas. 

Shortly we will be announcing a pause on future Cardboard, GearVR, DayDream and iPhone updates and at some point they will be discontinued. It takes a lot of effort to ensure DeoVR works with every Android or iOS update. We recommend upgrading to the Oculus Quest (a second-generation model with 8K video support is expected in 2021) or the Valve Index/HP Reverb G2.

If you would like to support DeoVR, you can become a patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/deovr

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