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DeoVR update: headtracking axes, default 180 SBS option, improved zoom and AB loop logic

It's time for you to update https://deovr.com/#download

Some days ago we have released a new version of Deo on all platforms.

Now you can manually select axes for 6DOF headtracking with better calibrated scale.

In global settings we have got 180 SBS as default option for opening videos.

Also we changed how AB loop works. The first time you click AB sets A on watched timecode value. You have to click AB for the second time to set the B. We are going to update it with the next release to following: Once AB is set you can have it on and off by hitting AB button. If you want to change AB you just edit it. Otherwise it stays like last used

We plan to introduce even more advanced AB loop panel with multiple AB records for a video with an option of setting it up to milliseconds. Also you should be able to enter AB timecodes manually.

Earlier we have released Remote control API developer can use for their own purpose. We are working on advanced API to provide every site with SLR app functionality, including favorites, sortings, search, etc.

Content producers can enjoy ZCam K1 Pro fish-eye mesh support. That way you can get original 220º FOV with no distortion caused by equirectangular conversion. Simply add "MKX220" into filename and it will be recognised automatically. In a week or two we might expect some producers releasing those fish-eyes.

This week we will be working on greatly improved player UI. It will come with horizontal volume bar.

Support us on https://www.patreon.com/deovr

Btw is anyone here interested in Deo on PicoVR headsets?

Our shortlist:

- showing play next for local files, "Play random" option in a folder

- Adding mouse support for scroll, right click - back button

- Pause video once headset is taken off

- Adding advanced keyboard support

- Custom thumbnails (creating .thumbnails folder for each folder)

- Interactive scripts supported on headset with videos played over DLNA

- Playlist

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