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Kiosk mode is a simple, self-contained way to showcase the power of VR, which allows people only to access the VR experience you want them to in an easy and safe way. Kiosk mode will be coming to the DeoVR app very soon. Read on for more details about what kiosk mode can mean for you, your content or your business. 

Kiosk mode gives you ultimate control over the VR experience, when delivering it to the end-user. This could be customers, employees (for training), visitors to an exhibition or simply a simple and easy way to show your VR content to friends and family. For example, suppose you have made an amazing piece of VR video art. In that case, you can show it to people in kiosk mode simply and easily, without them having to go through a lengthy log-in process - it means people won't be confused by how to set it up, or even accidentally change important settings. 

It's the ideal way of showing off your VR content, and can be used in countless different scenarios. You are the admin and kiosk mode ensures that your headset or headsets will only be used exactly as you intend them to be. 

This function will be coming to the DeoVR app very soon and will work local storage, local network or streaming via Plus it can be controlled by smartphone or web, greatly speeding up the entire process. Keep checking back for more details - we will update this article when the feature is set to be launched. 

It will work perfectly with standalone headsets such as the Pico 4, the Meta Quest Pro and the upcoming Meta Quest 3, and it will be compatible with older models, such as the Quest 2 and the Pico 3. 

Interested? Email for a private build. 

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