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Taking DeoVR to the next level: Passthrough AR video, haptics, build-your-own-journey, smartphone POV & more!

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DeoVR is the best source for VR content available anywhere and it's about to get even better. We have listened to feedback and the experts on our team and have a plan to make things even better for you our users, as well as the state of VR in general. 

Here are some of the exciting features and upgrades we have in store for the coming weeks and months:

Passthrough AR video is becoming enormously popular, and for good reason: it places content from all over in your own home, right there with you. We are improving it even more with user-submitted custom backgrounds and AR mode on smartphones. 

Haptics is a great leap forward for virtual reality. Imagine feeling rain falling on your skin while in VR, or a hand on your shoulder. Haptics technology makes this a reality and DeoVR is at the forefront of VR immersion with perfect synchronisation with interactive devices and videos. 

Build-your-own-journey will be released soon, allowing creators to design branched stories with a customizable computer-generated overlay so your narrative looks dynamic and unique. For example, touch something in the VR video to bring you to a different point on the timeline, or even to another video entirely. 

Gamifying VR video content so users will be able to touch things and speak to characters and people in multi-user mode. This is a big part of the upcoming DeoVR experience. What can be more enjoyable than trying VR with a friend, colleague or partner?

We are also converting many of these features into DeoVR's new smartphone POV too, delivering the incredible power of DeoVR in the palm of your hand. 

Message  to get your videos uploaded and paid for every second viewed. And join in the discussion on our busy, friendly forum. We are always open to user feedback. 

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