New feature: Hashtags at DeoVR web

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We're delighted to announce hashtag functionality at DeoVR on the web! This means finding and discovering the content you want is now easier than ever. 

DeoVR users can now make full use of hashtags and it's incredibly easy to both create and use. Simply add all the relevant hashtags to the video description using the # symbol as you would elsewhere online. These hashtags will be instantly recognized and highlighted in blue as clickable links. 

Now when these hashtags are clicked, users will see a grid containing all videos with the same hashtag. This will make finding the correct content easy and quicker than ever. 

Hashtag search functionality is coming very soon, so users can simply search for the hashtag they want. Use of hashtags will be coming to the DeoVR app in an update very soon. Keep checking back for the latest details!

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