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Make your own adventures and share them with the VR community! We're delighted to announce that playlists are now live at DeoVR on the web. This is a high-demand feature with DeoVR users, and we're excited to see where you guys take it. It's very easy to find - you'll see the Public Playlists button on the left-hand menu on the web and in the menu option on mobile. [Updated Sept 2023]

This is your chance to become a valuable VR creator, similar to how a DJ works with music, except you’ll be mixing with the most immersive VR footage out there. 

The functionality is simple and elegant: you can create Public or Private playlists, Watch Later lists, then like, modify or copy these lists. You can keep your playlists private, but by making them available publicly, other DeoVR users can follow your ideas and vision and enjoy a mind-expanding compilation of immersive VR. 

We have some great content already and expect to host many more awesome Publiс playlists from users. Be sure to explore these great playlists - which will showcase both your VR content and DeoVR to the world: 

Explore more using our playlists feature, and even create your own. 

Keep checking back to keep up with the latest amazing playlists - we will showcase the very best here. This functionality will be brought to the DeoVR app very soon too - no later than August 2023. We can't wait to see what you creative people do with this new feature!

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