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Try early feature releases available in DeoVR: v13.10 out now

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Be the first to try out the latest developments in virtual reality with our new beta release option for the DeoVR app. Sign up to try all the advanced new features first, a week before anyone else. [Update 5 June 2023: DeoVR 13.10 now released to the public. You can still sign up for advance future updates using the information below]

Try this now with v13.10 of the DeoVR app. This release contains multiple bug fixes, such as setting defaults to the wrong behavior, Quest link + Controller thumbstick not recognized as input, changing resolution failed, Empty Info panel in some situations, the splash screen not showing up. 

There has also been great improvements to passthrough, including colored sliders to make it much easier to understand which color you are setting, and slider ranges adjustment now allowing more precision. As well as this, B-Button behavior is reverted to v13.6, Yaw and Roll now have correct names and improvements to the sign-in field. 
Limited input field for Sign In

It will be available as a Release Candidate on the Meta Store and the Steam store for 7 days and this is where you will get a preview of our amazing new features before anyone else. Be aware that there may be some issues. 

Just like with the standard app releases, there will be a Release Candidate thread on the DeoVR forum where you can see what the new features and changes are, as well as report issues. This will give us the opportunity to fix any problems before that version of the app is released to the general public. 

Opt in on Meta Quest

Via Smartphone app

  • Select your headset
  • Open App Library
  • Select DeoVR
  • Scroll down and click on More Information
  • Click on Version number
  • Find Channel (dropdown menu in top right corner)
  • Select RC

Via Computer app

  • Go to Library
  • Click on DeoVR
  • Scroll down to Version + Release Notes
  • Switch from (LIVE) to (RC)

How To Opt Out

Important! Please note that opting out on Meta requires a full reinstall, meaning you will lose any saved app settings. 
  • Uninstall DeoVR
  • Switch back to Live version
  • Install DeoVR

Opt in on Steam store

  • Open Library
  • Find and right click on DeoVR
  • Select Beta then RC

Any questions? Discuss this on our friendly forum

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