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As a thank you to all the incredible VR creators on DeoVR, we have decided to offer something special - if you host original VR content on DeoVR, you have the chance to get 30 days of DeoVR Premium for free! 

This amazing opportunity was rolled out at the start of May and the rules are simple. All you need to do is earn $9.99 from your VR content over the past 30 days and you will instantly get full access to DeoVR Premium for a month. 

This will give complete access to the entire selection of Premium VR videos, including trending scenes such as One Day In Dubai and the wildly popular Super Sexy 3D Photoshoot series. 

On a typical day last week, twenty users received this free Premium sub! If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll see Your Complimentary Subscription on your DeoVR profile page. More information about this free Premium option for all active creators can be found in the Creator’s Panel (click Manage Panel) in the side panel. 

Good luck and keep creating those immersive VR videos. Any questions? Feel free to ask and discuss over at the DeoVR forum

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