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Subtitles, sorting and more in the huge DeoVR v13.6 app update!

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We have a huge new update for the DeoVR app. Version 13.6 is full of exciting new features and helpful improvements to make your VR experience even better than ever. 

Please note: DeoVR for the Pico 4 is now available. You can install the DeoVR app onto your Pico 4 natively and access all the great features listed below, and many more. 

So what's new in version 13.6? Along with some necessary bug fixes, there are some major new features and a number of useful improvements: 

New Features for v13.6: 

Subtitles are now supported for local files. 

  • Note, the subtitles need to be in SRT format and should have the same name as the video (eg. if the video is named video.mp4, then the subtitles should be named video.srt). 
  • They are enabled automatically if the player finds subtitles locally - you can disable them via a button on the Player panel or inside the Subtitles tab under player settings
  • They can be moved in space by clicking on them and dragging to where you want them to be. 
  • Additional options like Font sizeDepth and Background opacity can be set inside the Subtitles tab. 

We have also added a sorting panel for the DeoVR website - now you can sort by Trending, New and Top parameters. 

Improvements for v13.6: 

  • Subscribe buttons now give instant feedback
  • The Options tab inside player settings has been split into Player and Video options

Bug fixes:

The player timeline now aligns the blue sections properly with the seeker. 

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