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Find exactly what you want with DeoVR's improved search function

The leading virtual reality streaming app DeoVR has taken a major step forward. A new and improved search function has been released that makes it easier and quicker than ever to find the immersive content you're looking for. 

With the new search function, you can simply enter a keyword or phrase and DeoVR will automatically search its huge database of VR content for the best results. This covers video titles, descriptions, categories and channel names. 

In a move that will come in useful for many users who find it difficult to type using VR, the search function now gives results not only for exact matches but also for misspelt words. As seen in the image below, a search for the typo ‘sanrise’ will give results for videos containing the word ‘sunrise’. 

And you won’t need to install an update to enjoy these improvements. These functions will be available immediately when you next open the app. So whether you're looking for the latest VR video release or an old favorite, you're sure to find it quickly and smoothly through DeoVR. 

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