Comparing the Izugar K2 Pro and Canon R5 cameras

Choosing the best camera for the job is essential when making virtual reality content. Let’s look at two of the most high-profile cameras out there. 

First, it’s important to be aware of the technical specifications of each model. 

The Canon R5/R5C has a pixel size of 4.39µm (meaning the image has a diameter of about 4000 pixels for 180° footage) at 7680 x 4320. In comparison, the Z CAM K2 has a pixel size of 4.63μm (meaning the image has a diameter of 2700 pixels for 180° and 2900 for 200°) at 3696 x 2772. 

(Also, it’s worth noting that the Canon lens is compatible with R3, which writes 6k at 60fps. The Canon R3 has a pixel size of 6µm (where the image has a diameter of about 3100 pixels for 180°) at 6000 x 3164.)

The pixel size is approximately the same, but the Canon R5C has a top-end FF matrix with ISO800/3200, captures Canon's best skin tone and has a much higher resolution. But to record 8k at 60fps, you need external power and expensive cards (52 minutes of video will fit on a 1TB card).

The Canon camera has a better build than the Z CAM and a built-in screen. 

However, the Z CAM K2 has more FOV, battery life and more natural interpupillary distance (IPD) between lenses (the IPD on the Canon is 60mm, which is the lower end of the average). The memory cards are more simple to use, and as it uses two simple cameras, there is less workload involved than one large one. Still, there is a weakness when it comes to synchronization - copying materials requires twice as much work, and there are increased difficulties in post-production as the user has to use Z CAM’s software to combine the files and unwarp.

To summarize, both cameras are very good, with positives and negatives on both sides, but the Canon has the edge. For the best quality and ease of use in VR, we recommend waiting for the Canon R5C. 

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