Playback for multiple users in DeoVR

We are currently working on introducing multi-user playback for DeoVR. This will allow users to experience VR content at the same time as other people. There are many potential uses for this new feature, particularly when it comes to education and training, but also for pleasure such as enjoying the same film with friends.

Here are some of the features we are looking to implement: 

  1. Produce a shareable invitation link through DeoVR that deals with the specific video, timestamp and chosen users. 
  2. Start the session so other users can join you in the app, WebXR (through the Oculus browser) or web.
  3. Chat through voice or text with your guests. 

The next step will be to introduce a spatial aspect allowing you to create an avatar and interact with other avatars. This means people can come to each other places and watch VR content together.

We’d love to know what you think of these developments. Be part of the next generation of virtual reality and upload your VR videos to DeoVR by mailing us at

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