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How to export multi-channel audio using Adobe Premier

Here is a step-by-step guide to exporting multi-channel audio using Adobe Premier. Be sure to follow each step in turn and check the images to make sure you’re doing it correctly. 

1. First, add a new sequence in Adobe Premier

2. Choose your desired preset and go to the ‘Tracks’ menu

3. Go to the Tracks menu, add the right number of channels. Set Mix > Multichannel. 

Track type > Standard. Pan/Balance: 1st  audio > panned Left, 2nd  > panned Right, 

3rd >  Left, 4th > Right, etc. (This step is very important!)

4. Next, set the output audio. In Audio 1 and Audio 2: select only 1-2 

5. In Audio 3 and Audio 4:  select only 3-4

*In Audio 5 and Audio 6: set 5-6 accordingly, etc.

6. Now, Export Audio

7. Export the audio and video separately. 

To Export audio: select QuickTime format. Set sample rate as 48000Hz, sample size 16 or 24 bit. Set 4 channels (or more) in Audio Configuration. 

8. Next, bind the audio track to the video. To do this enter the FB360 Spatial 

Workstation, then select:

Output Format: FB360 Matroshka (Experimental)

Spatial Audio: B-format (1nd order ambiX)

Spatial audio file: select 4-channel audio

Head-Locked Stereo: empty or choose stereo audio file (if needed)

Video file: select the video file

Finally, press Encode. 

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