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How to export multi-channel audio using Adobe Premier

Here is a step-by-step guide to exporting multi-channel audio using Adobe Premier. Be sure to follow each step in turn and check the images to make sure you’re doing it correctly. 

1. First, add a new sequence in Adobe Premier

2. Choose your desired preset and go to the ‘Tracks’ menu

3. Go to the Tracks menu, add the right number of channels. Set Mix > Multichannel. 

Track type > Standard. Pan/Balance: 1st  audio > panned Left, 2nd  > panned Right, 

3rd >  Left, 4th > Right, etc. (This step is very important!)

4. Next, set the output audio. In Audio 1 and Audio 2: select only 1-2 

5. In Audio 3 and Audio 4:  select only 3-4

*In Audio 5 and Audio 6: set 5-6 accordingly, etc.

6. Now, Export Audio

7. Export the audio and video separately. 

To Export audio: select QuickTime format. Set sample rate as 48000Hz, sample size 16 or 24 bit. Set 4 channels (or more) in Audio Configuration. 

8. Next, bind the audio track to the video. To do this enter the FB360 Spatial 

Workstation, then select:

Output Format: FB360 Matroshka (Experimental)

Spatial Audio: B-format (1nd order ambiX)

Spatial audio file: select 4-channel audio

Head-Locked Stereo: empty or choose stereo audio file (if needed)

Video file: select the video file

Finally, press Encode. 

Additional info: 

In order for DeoVR users to be able to watch videos not only with Spatial Audio, you need to add the 2nd audio stream to the finished MKV file. To do this you need to:

1. Download MKVToolnix

2. Prepare a stereo / mono track. It needs to use the AAC codec. You can use any converter for this, such as the AIMP audio converter:

(You need to change the output format to AAC or AAC m4a format with max bitrate.)

3. Open MKVToolnix

In the first block, add video and audio.

In the second block, move AAC audio down. 

Press Start.

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