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We’re already halfway through 2024 and we've seen some awesome VR content released at DeoVR. We've collected together some of the most impressive VR videos of the year so far, showcasing the power of this immersive technology. 

We used various metrics to create this list, including likes, comments, views and some editorial judgement. The scenes below are a mixture of free and premium scenes, with the vast majority unique to DeoVR. Remember: DeoVR is the only VR platform to stream VR in 8K - don't accept inferior quality VR from Youtube or elsewhere. 

Best Documentary Video at DeoVR

Follow the dramatic events of December 2, 1993, the day Pablo Escobar, the infamous Colombian drug lord, met his end. 

Best Underwater Video at DeoVR

Travel to the deepest depths of the ocean in this awe-inspiring VR180 video. The footage is filmed at depths varying from 300m to 4000m and contains many interesting species of deep sea animals and coral, including vampire squid and pearl octopus.

Best ASMR Video at DeoVR

Embark on a mesmerizing VR180 journey as your FPV drone glides over a serene Swiss lake at early sunset. Capture the enchanting sight of a sailing boat gracefully navigating the tranquil waters, bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. This brief yet captivating video transports you to the serene beauty of a Swiss evening on the lake.

Best Passthrough Video at DeoVR 

This immersive VR experience uses the passthrough feature to bring the beautiful cumbia dancer into your own room! Feel the energy and passion of cumbia as she performs around you, making it seem as if she's right there in your living room. Perfect for dance enthusiasts and curious beginners alike, this unique experience invites you to join the fun and dance along.

Best Animal Video at DeoVR 

Explore the inspiring efforts of Jarin Alado, a crucial sanctuary nestled in the heart of Ecuador dedicated to the rescue, recovery, and release of endangered exotic birds. This documentary delves into the center's impactful work, showcasing how volunteers from around the world come together to nurture and protect these vibrant species. Witness the challenges and triumphs of conservation in action, and learn how Jarin Alado is making strides towards a brighter future for some of the planet's most captivating and vulnerable creatures. Join us on a journey of commitment, care, and conservation at Jarin Alado, where every bird receives a second chance at freedom.

Best Travel Video at DeoVR 

Explore the incredible transformation of Comuna 13 in Medellín, once notorious for violence and its association with Pablo Escobar. Witness the real-life resilience as this neighborhood, once considered the world's most dangerous, has become a thriving tourist attraction. From colorful street art to vibrant hip-hop performances, Comuna 13 is a symbol of Medellín's rebirth, where art and community have replaced a violent past. Discover the peace and joy that now define Comuna 13, making it a must-visit destination in Medellín.

Best Space/Galaxy Video at DeoVR 

Experience the awe-inspiring total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, like never before with an immersive VR video! Witness this celestial event from the best vantage point in stunning virtual reality, capturing every breathtaking moment in vivid detail. Whether you're reliving the event or experiencing it for the first time, this VR journey brings the wonder of the eclipse right to your fingertips. 

Best Scripted Storytelling VR Video at DeoVR

This scripted storytelling VR video transports you to the picturesque vineyards of Chile, where you'll experience an enchanting date with Melanie. Stroll through lush vines, enjoy intimate conversations and savor the beauty of the sunset over rolling hills. Perfect for those seeking a unique and heartfelt escape, this VR experience brings romance to life, making you feel truly connected and immersed in this unforgettable setting. 

Best Landscape Video VR Video at DeoVR 

Embark on a picturesque VR180 journey as your FPV drone gracefully glides over the charming Italian village of Castelsardo in the morning light. Capture the enchanting beauty of cobblestone streets, rustic rooftops, and historic architecture. This short, immersive video provides a serene escape, offering a bird's-eye view of the timeless allure of Castelsardo waking up to a new day.

Best Mountaineering Video at DeoVR 

Embark on a thrilling adventure with "The Quest: Everest Series," where climber Alex Hart takes you on a breathtaking journey to the summit of Mount Everest. Equipped with a VR camera, Alex captures every step of the challenging ascent, from the base camp to the peak. Experience the sheer scale of the world's highest mountain and the raw beauty of the Himalayan landscape in stunning virtual reality. Feel the adrenaline, endure the harsh conditions, and share in the triumph as Alex achieves the ultimate mountaineering dream.

Best Animated Video at DeoVR 

Experience a gut-wrenching story of a medieval warrior finally coming home.

Best Motoring Video at DeoVR 

Explore the CYBERTRUCK VR180. The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most polarizing vehicles ever produced. Now, this video offers you an invitation to look around the foundation edition AWD Cybertruck. Perfect for car enthusiasts and tech experts. Take a look at the Cybertruck yourself!

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