Investment opportunity

Invest in DeoVR: Shaping the Future of Immersive Media!

Join us in scaling up and establishing the future of fully interactive immersive media. DeoVR has sparked a vibrant creators' economy, making it the platform of choice for passionate VR creators and fans.

Actively searching for an Investment Manager to lead the effort.

Our Vision:

We are gamifying spatial media, allowing you to touch and feel through user-generated DeoVR-powered branching stories. With integration across the entire spectrum of haptic devices, we perfectly simulate the sensations of what’s being watched, creating a true multi-user experience.

Our Achievements:

DeoVR sees record numbers of daily active users and sales each month. We've achieved 100% bootstrapped organic growth with no external investment, standing out in an industry where many have failed. Key milestones include:

  • Pioneering the first 8K VR video streaming app, proudly hosting 80,000 VR users daily.
  • Introducing Passthrough production and in-app PT AI features, revolutionizing VR videos.
  • Perfect sync with multiple haptic devices for an enhanced user experience.

Why Invest Now:

We are planning our first investment round, targeting $50M-$100M. We are exploring options to find the best fit for everyone involved. A strategic partner could significantly amplify our efforts to expand the VR economy.

We are full of innovation, bringing 6DOF videos, building a volumetric capturing studio open for creators, fully interactive "Build Your Own Journey” and virtual tours, multiuser experience, AI friends, and live streaming to life. Another important effort is getting our services for SAAS. Also, we plan to expand all the innovative features into smartphones.

Be a part of shaping the future of immersive media. Your investment will enable us to enhance our technology, expand our reach, and drive innovation in the VR space.

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