New VR Camera: the SLAM VR180 3D Camera

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A new VR camera is about to be released by a Chinese company called SLAM, and we have all the details available. It’s an affordable VR180 camera with some impressive features, known as the SLAM VR180 3D camera. Let’s take a closer look. 

Price (updated 14 May, 2024)

We've had new information about the potential price for this device. The SLAM team are looking to sell this for $800 for the 256GB model, and $1000 for 512GB. The plan is to set up a Kickstarter in June (similar to the way the CalfVR camera was released last year). 

SLAM VR180 Specs

Let’s get straight to the important stuff: the specs. As you’ll see below, it’s capable of 6K 50FPS video, similar to the popular CALFVR camera. It’s also capable of 8K 2D recording but only at a low 15FPS framerate. 

It uses Android and incorporates a touchscreen interface that allows you to work with the built-in recording software. It also has a decent-sized 5000mAh battery that is fast-charging and allows for continuous recording when plugged in. Another key feature is that it is capable of live streaming - something that is becoming increasingly popular as VR becomes more mainstream. 

The interpupillary distance (IPD) is 65mm, which is a good choice for most people in delivering accurate scaling and avoiding the dreaded giant/dwarf effect. 

Full available specs: 

  • 3D videos at 6K 50FPS or 2D videos at 8K 15FPS
  • 10-bit color
  • Dual 1/1.55-inch CMOS
  • Qualcomm 8Gen2
  • Touchscreen: 6.67-inch 120hz high-refresh screen
  • Uses Android with built-in professional recording software
  • 5000mAh battery with 35W fast-charging
  • 65mm IPD

Other features: 

Going off the available screenshots and information sent to us by the SLAM team, we can see there are some other interesting features: 

Mic level 

The touchscreen interface has a visible mic level that shows the user when the environmental audio is too loud or too quiet. This is a useful tool which isn’t commonly found on similarly priced VR cameras. 

Level tool

The screen has an unintrusive balance graphic to help users make sure the footage they are recording is level. Again, this is a great little tool, often found on high-end 2D cameras but not as common with VR kit. 

HDR on/off button

Easily accessible button to switch HDR on or off instantly.

Open for more applications

It appears the VR camera interface can be altered and changed in multiple ways as we’re told other applications can be added to the touchscreen image, relating to editing or sharing content. This suggests it will be possible to do basic editing on the camera itself, plus opens it up to easier live streaming than most existing VR cameras. 

Adjust white balance and ISO from touchscreen

Both white balance and ISO can be adjusted, or switched to/from auto via the SLAM touchscreen, while recording. 

Developer mode

Users can apply for developer permissions to access some more powerful functions. 


The SLAM VR180 camera looks to be based on the Android model, making it similar in size to a modern smartphone. Will this be capable of high-quality 6K VR180 video? That remains to be seen. We’ll publish a full review of this exciting-sounding device as soon as possible. Keep checking back to this blog for the latest updates. 

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