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Important Announcement from the DeoVR Team: April 2024

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This is an announcement from James, the product manager of DeoVR. Recently, our new feature, “Login to Enjoy,” has raised some discussion in the community, and we'd like to answer your concerns. Here are the several actions we’ve taken and will take in the near future.

TL;DR: We do listen to our creators and we wish to grow this community with you all together.

  • Creators can view their own videos in any resolution for free (web fixed, app coming soon).
  • Rolling back the feature, unlimited free playback for all the resolutions.
  • Free Premium to creators (no matter if your channel is Premium or not) as long as your uploaded videos reach certain requirements.
  • Hero banner coming back soon, with more frequent updates of video recommendation
  • Improve our RecSys/Algorithm to make sure good quality content or content you like is easier to find
  • Premium Video Review program (already started)
  • Highlighted content will be recommended to viewers via mail like a newsletter or "editor's choice"
  • Recently we’ve detected some abnormal actions from a few creators, thus we’ll be deploying a new Premium Revenue sharing logic. The new logic will be more fair and can prevent our platform and other creators’ content from possible cheating. Please stay tuned for more information.
  • Native Vision Pro app of DeoVR
  • Meet up in the US by the end of April. More coming soon
  • More Passthrough videos and 6DoF coming soon
  • Frequent communication with creators

    DeoVR wouldn’t be where it is today without the backing of our creators and users. Our goal has always been to foster a community that's both open and innovative, hand-in-hand with all of you. If you've got questions or need a hand, don't hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on our team. Here’s to a thriving and bright future for our industry!

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