Testing the different types of Passthrough at DeoVR

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One of our top devs, Faizal on the DeoVR team, has been looking into the three different types of passthrough. He executed a series of tests using the Quest 3 (currently our top recommended VR headset for passthrough) - here's what was discovered. 

The three different types of passthrough at DeoVR


Chromakey relies heavily on the GPU and consumes a significant amount of GPU load. It handles high usage well, even at 85-90%, on higher resolutions. It manages to keep video playback smooth without any lag.

Alpha Packing

This feature is less demanding. It primarily uses the GPU, and CPU usage remains around 50%. 

AI Alpha 

This is the most demanding form of PT and heavily uses both CPU and GPU. It often raises the GPU usage above 85% and CPU to over 80% at the highest frame rates but performance does not slow down. Video playback remains smooth, maintaining frame rates between 115 and 120 FPS without any noticeable lag.

Overall performance

The Quest 3 handles all forms of passthrough very efficiently. Even with various AR features running, the headset operates effectively. The Meta Quest 3 is well-equipped to handle the demands of passthrough video playback regardless of which method is used. 

The chart below gives more specific information about each type of passthrough and shows the workload in various resolution and framerate situations on the Quest 3 (v36). 

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