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The VR Photos feature is now available at DeoVR! Upload your own immersive images and view other high-quality VR photographs from all over the world.

This feature is currently available for web DeoVR only but will be available on the DeoVR app very soon. 

You can see the currently available images at VR Photos at DeoVR

It's very easy to use. Here's how VR photos look on the DeoVR site: 

Dog on a sunny day in Wales, UK | British countryside

Click on the settings button to change the resolution to whatever you wish. For example, in the image above, changing it to 3840p means you’ll see it in its full 8K glory. 

Uploading works very similar to the video upload tool - simply choose your image, give it a title and add any extra information, including hashtags so people can find your content quickly and easily, then publish!

We currently display up to 10K, which will cover the vast majority of VR images. But we are looking to increase this further, due to the growing popularity of high-resolution 360-degree images, not to mention displaying content on the Apple Vision Pro with its 23 million pixel resolution. Keep checking back for more information. 

Tell us your thoughts at the DeoVR forum, Facebook and Reddit.

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