Data: Popularity of VR headsets at DeoVR (graph)

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This graph shows the popularity of various VR headsets at DeoVR. Below we'll explore some of the interesting points to take away from this information. 

Note: The Quest 3 headsets were mistakenly counted as Quest Pro for the first couple of months. However, it's easy to see where that boost (October 2023) should be classified as Quest 3. This was rectified in late December. 

Noteworthy points: 

  • The release of the Quest 3 saw a huge leap in numbers, which continued over the following months. This suggests people may have been waiting for a VR headset that had powerful features such as color passthrough and better lenses. The data suggests the Quest 3 will soon be the dominant headset. 
  • The Quest 2 remains the most popular headset for viewing VR content via DeoVR, which is understandable as this has been a great success since its release in 2020. 
  • This data suggests that Quest 2 users remained steady after the Quest 3 was released, implying that a lot of the Quest 3 users were new, or that many people decided to purchase the Quest 2 (likely at a lower price point) during this time.
  • The Quest 3 doesn't seem to be eating into the Quest 2 userbase, unlike what we've seen with previous headset models (particularly the original Quest 1). 

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