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Looking for a safe, private place to store your VR video files? We'll soon be launching a DeoVR cloud drive feature that will play your personal VR files perfectly with DeoVR. 

We were looking into streaming VR directly from Google Drive and Dropbox into DeoVR but came up against multiple issues. The answer is to set up cloud storage directly via DeoVR to make it easier for everyone. 

What features will the DeoVR cloud drive offer?

The goal is to give each private video the complete functionality of DeoVR, available for streaming anywhere and at anytime. You'll be able to use the incredible DeoVR player to make visual adjustments, play with a single click, and take advantage of our next-level features, such as passthrough

How will the  DeoVR cloud drive compare to Google Drive and Dropbox? 


  • Pros: The SDK works with Unity
  • Cons: Cannot stream, only allows for full downloads

Google Drive: 

  • Pros: Supports file streaming
  • Cons: No Unity SDK

Both systems have issues with authentication. The DeoVR cloud drive will aim to solve all these problems and deliver the ultimate VR streaming storage solution. 

How can you get the DeoVR cloud drive?

DeoVR Premium users will get access with their subscription, and we are planning on a competitive system of storage alongside this. Further details to come, keep checking back for more details. 

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