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Tutorial: How to watch iPhone and Vision Pro spatial video on the Quest 3

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Meta has officially added support for viewing Apple's 3D spatial video in the Quest headsets. Find out how below. 

How to view iPhone spatial videos on the Meta Quest 3

Simple instructions for watching your iPhone spatial videos on the Quest 3:

How to view Vision Pro spatial videos on the Meta Quest 3

This works on the same principle as with the iPhone, but requires these extra steps:

What's the quality like? 

The results are mixed, and don't live up to the Vision Pro's high-quality micro-OLED 4K screens. However, keep in mind the Quest 3 is a fraction of the cost of the Vision Pro. 

Spatial video specs: 

  • Video: 1080p
  • Framerate: 30fps

On the Quest 3, the videos occasionally stutter and naturally look lower resolution on the Quest 3, but even on the Vision Pro the quality isn't crystal clear. It's a great way to test out recording immersive video though, without having to buy a dedicated camera. Also, see our guide for recording VR footage on the Quest 3

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