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The DeoVR devs have been working hard on a comprehensive update of the DeoVR Creator's Panel. This has been a major undertaking, involving a completely new design, API and frontend tech stack. Everything has been written from scratch to make sure it meets the needs of DeoVR creators in 2024 and beyond.

We're all very proud of how well it functions and we're sure you'll find it a huge improvement. This update includes the following: 
  • An improved uploading process
  • Elegant and easy-to-understand design
  • Videos are now released immediately to the ‘Private’ setting, with simultaneous moderation processes for Public and Unlisted statuses
  • Auto-generation of thumbnails (first iteration)
  • Scheduled video activation (now users can choose when to publish their content)
  • Support for multipart uploading , for example, if the connection was dropped during the upload process, it continues where it has ended instead of starting again from scratch
  • Improved moderation flow
  • Enhanced statistics view in graphs (see below)

And many more other valuable features and improvements under the hood. The DeoVR devs will continue improving this section over time - you can expect even better thumbnail generation very soon, for example. 

Thoughts or ideas for future improvements? Join the discussion at the DeoVR forum, Facebook and Reddit.

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