DeoVR reveals huge future plans

There are big plans for DeoVR over the coming months, including a host of technically advanced new features that you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s what our expert team of devs are working on for the first half of 2023:  

You can look forward to an interactive Build Your Own Journey experience, which utilizes in-video hands-tracking object interaction to take you down different paths. For example, touch something in the VR video to bring you to a different point on the timeline, or even to another video entirely. 

Multiuser is a big part of the upcoming DeoVR experience. What can be more enjoyable than trying VR with a friend, colleague or partner?

Haptics feedback is the next great leap forward for virtual reality. Imagine feeling rain falling on your skin while in VR, or a hand on your shoulder. Haptics technology can make this a reality and DeoVR will be at the forefront. 

Spatial technology. Move around the VR space with a full-body virtual avatar and hear audio as you would in real life

Another development is using AI for voice synthesis, where you can get performers to say the words you want in the voice you want. 

These features are on the verge of being realized and will turn VR as we know it into something more like interactive dreaming. If you would like to be part of this tech revolution we’d like you to join our team

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