DeoVR spatial audio

DeoVR now supports spatial audio. Experience sound in VR as you would in real life when moving and rotating your head. Enjoy much deeper immersion, with the audio perfectly matching what your eyes see in virtual reality. 

It means you can perceive the source of a certain sound, making the entire aural experience as realistic and involving as the 3D video being viewed. Feel the surroundings better when looking around in a headset. It's already supported on Oculus Quest, Quest 2 and Windows connected headsets Valve Index.

During our initial research, we found Facebook Audio 360 to be a key part of this solution, and we worked to overcome the existing limitations to provide something more easily accessible and beneficial to our users. You can find more detailed technical information here

Here are some samples to demonstrate what can be achieved with spatial audio: 

Currently, the user will need need to enable spatial audio in the DeoVR settings tab once they have started watching the video. But future updates of DeoVR will feature auto-recognition so the relevant videos will implement it automatically. 

Spatial audio technology is currently in its early stages but it’s clear that it will lead to huge improvements in VR as a whole, particularly as production setups develop to take advantage of these new capabilities. We would be happy to add extra support for your specific content and answer questions you may have. 

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